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A-1: Unfortunately TifyTel cannot re-activate disconnected or closed accounts. It isn’t possible to re-use phone adapters from disconnected or closed accounts. You will need to sign up for a new account. You can use the phone adaptor but need to use new credentials. Please contact to Customer support for detailed instructions.
A-2: There is a €5.99 (Inc. VAT) fee to switch to a lower-cost rate plan. There is no fee to switch to higher-cost rate plan.
A-03: Unfortunately we have not yet tested with different models of PBX and other phone systems. You may certainly try our service with the 14-day money-back guarantee that we are currently offering to see if our service will meet your needs. You may need to work in conjunction with the company that initially installed, or who maintains your phone system for assistance in installing our service.
A-04: You will need to switch your high-speed Internet connection from USB to Ethernet in order to use the Tifytel service. To do this, you need an Ethernet enabled modem or install an Ethernet card in your computer.
A-05: Any touch-tone phone, corded or cordless is compatible with your Tifytel phone adapter.
A-06: Tifytel requires a telephone adapter to use our service (with the exception of the Softphone). Each physical voice and fax line you have must be assigned a specific Phone Adapter and telephone port so we can correctly route your calls. If you have only one number assigned to a Tifytel Phone Adapter, only one telephone port can access your Vonage service.
A-07: Most Ethernet modems will be satisfactory for use on a DSL connection to enable the Tifytel service when used in conjunction with one of our telephone adaptors. The features you specifically need in the modem are: ADSL Modem , PPPoA and PPPoE internet protocols, DHCP server, NAT, One or more Ethernet ports
A-08: For information and instructions on how to configure your Tifytel service for use with DSL click on the following link for Installation Guide: Guide Link.
A-01: You can download the app by clicking on Download link: Click Here.
A-02: Making a call with the Tifytel app is really easy, just tap on one of your contacts or dial a number directly from the app keypad. If you are in;
- Local mode, the app will use your Android phone to call a local area number that will connect you to your contact.
- WiFi/3G mode, the app will use your Internet connection to make the call.
A-03: Unfortunately we are unable to link directly to our payment site from the application due to App store policy.
To top-up your account please go towww.Tifytel.com/login
- We recommend setting up auto top-upso that your balance will re-charge automatically when your credit runs low.
A-04: If you’re a new customer your first call is free. If you’ve got a free call you will see “FREE” on the account bar within the app.
Q-05: Click the blue arrow to the right of your contact. Next, click on the “Edit” link in the top right for the option to amend or delete your contact.
A-06: The app can be uninstalled from your Android phone at any time by the usual means. If you reinstall the app after deleting it from your phone you will be required to complete the set up process again.
A-07: The app is completely FREE. Charges will only apply when our calling and SMS services are used within the app.
A-08: Tifytel charge a very low per-minute rate to connect your call internationally.
- This charge will be deducted from your pre-paid credit.
- The current Tifytel phone rates can be found on our website: Click Here.
- As the call is routed through local numbers your mobile provider may charge you for the cost of a local call, depending on your tariff.
A-09: If you change your SIM card you will be requested to complete the set up process again. Access codes will then be re-generated based on your new SIM card country and you will be able to make cheap local calls.
A-10: The app is designed to be unique to your account. You will be asked to link the number of your Android phone to your account when you install the app. For increased security we only allow one Android phone to be linked to your account at any one time. You will only be able to log in to the app with the Tifytel account your Android phone is registered with.
A-11: The best way to use our app when you’re abroad is to call using the WiFi mode. Make sure that you switch off 3G in your phones settings so you don’t pay any roaming charges. If you dial using local call mode you’ll pay your carriers roaming charges so it’s best to avoid this.
A-12:When you’re in this mode your calls will be made using a local access number. Because the calls are connected through your network operator. you could be charged from using the service, depending on your plan.
A-13: When you’re in this mode your calls will be made using your Internet connection. That means you won’t have to pay your phone provider for the cost of a local call. Make sure you have a good WiFi / 3G connection before switching to this mode.
A-14: This app has two calling modes;
- LOCAL calls mode – the call is made by dialling a local number that connects internationally;
- WiFi / 3G calls mode – the call is made using your WiFi or 3G connection.
A-01: It is easy and simple;
- Dial the local access number.
- Enter the PIN when prompted, that you will find it on your TifyTel Calling Card.
- You will then need to dial the full international number of the person you are calling or the speed dial numbers shown.
A-02: When using the Tifytel Calling Card service, if the other party hangs up you will automatically return to the main menu where you will be given the option to place a new call.
If you wish to end the call yourself without hanging up, just press ## to return to the main menu.
A-03: Your access numbers are just normal, local landline numbers so they should be included in any free minutes included in your contract. If you don’t have any free inclusive minutes you should be charged at your provider’s standard landline rates. If in doubt, please contact your provider to check.
A-04: This could be because your caller ID is switched off. To check this try ringing another phone and look at what is displayed. If your number isn’t shown, the caller ID could be disabled. Please make sure that it’s shown to use our Local Numbers service.
A-05: If you are using your Tifytel to time the call then this doesn’t have access to the underlying network signaling we have, it can only see the call from your phone to our access number, once you drop the call from your cell phone there is an element of signaling that needs to happen in order to clear down the call.

We can assure you our call timings are very accurate and are driven by the underlying network signaling we receive from both parties in the call. We regularly audit our calls record against the downstream call records we receive from our termination suppliers and this confirms to us that our timings are correct.

A-06: Please visit to our website page International Calls for access numbers (if available).
A-07: When you call in to our access numbers we identify you by the caller ID of the phone you are calling from. If you are receiving this error it means another TifyTel user has already added this number to their account. In such case ask the other user to remove the number from their account, or contact us if you unfamiliar with someone who is using your phone number.
A-01: You can expire your number at any time by clicking on ‘Incoming numbers’ the expire link can be found by clicking into the number you wish to expire you will see the ‘expire’ button at the bottom of this page.You can activate your number again if you wish as long as that month’s rental has not run out by re clicking into the number and clicking ‘activate’. Your number will stay on your account until the rental time has finished for example if you have paid for your number on the 20th March then decide you no longer need it and expire it on the 25th March then the number will stay on your account until the 20th April. Whenever you expire your number, there is no refund.
A-02: We are able to offer sequential numbers in certain locations. Please contact us using the link below for further information and pricing on info@Tifytel.com
A-03: Each Virtual Number costs just €2.99 per month.
The cost in the first month is pro-rated depending on when in your billing cycle you add the Virtual Number. So, if you add it on the 15th day of your billing cycle, you would be charged €1.49 in that month, and €2.99 thereafter. There is also a one-time activation charge of €5.99 to link each new Virtual Number.
A-01: You can use Tifytel anywhere in the world where you can plug into a broadband router.
A-02: Tifytel is a landline that’s portable so you choose where you want to receive calls to your number and make calls on your plan. So, if you travel or live abroad, you can enjoy the benefits of Tifytel, at any location where you connect to a broadband router. Plug your Tifytel Box™ (picture) into any broadband router and your number and price plan are right there.
A-03: Whether around the corner or around the globe – calls to your Tifytel number will find you.
A-14: At no extra cost to the caller. And it is discreet; wherever you’re connected, the caller gets the standard ring tone, as if you were at home. And your outgoing calls will be charged as if you’d made the call from the Ireland.
A-01: PBX three most common types. Here we will talk about Hosted and Virtual PBX only as VoIP service provider. The vast majority of individuals believe that virtual PBXs and hosted PBXs are the same thing. The two technologies do share some of the same benefits that include providing lower cost service than Traditional PBX systems. However, the two are significantly different in the way that they function and the benefits that they can provide for businesses.

Hosted PBX Systems:
A hosted PBX is essentially a complete, enterprise-level business phone system, which will usually completely replace an organization's existing traditional phone company. With this, a company will often need to switch to using IP phones, and all voice communications will go through a router that is connected to a broadband Internet connection. In addition, a hosted PBX will generally provide companies with things like auto attendants, conference calls, call holding, voicemail to email messaging and call forwarding. This is essentially a complete solution that mimics a physical PBX but comes at a much lower cost as companies are able to take advantage of SIP trunking and calling that is cheaper than what they would pay with a traditional phone company.

Virtual PBX Systems:
A virtual PBX system is essentially part of a hosted PBX and is not exactly a full voice communications system by itself. They may lack some of the features that come with a full hosted PBX. The costs associated with setting up and maintaining a virtual PBX can be very low compared to a hosted system or physical PBX. However, business owners who are thinking about implementing a virtual PBX system should keep in mind that this technology is only capable of dealing with inbound calls. They will still need to maintain some sort of system to make outgoing calls to clients. While they may utilize something like business VoIP to reduce costs, they will still need to pay an additional amount for calls that employees make. In addition, virtual PBX systems do not come with extension dialling that can be used to connect employees, and they also do not have any call control options.

The Bottom Line:
Virtual PBX and hosted PBX systems are similar in many ways, but they have quite a few differences. It is often best for companies to start out with a virtual PBX and move to a hosted PBX as there voice communication needs grow. With this, organizations can get exactly what they need out of their telecommunications system in a way that can scale with business growth while lowering overall expenses.
A-02: TifyTel Telecom has ability to provide Virtual PBX or Hosted PBX that our client may request.
A-01: When you recommend a friend and they sign up for Tifytel account, we will give you 10% of the call credit every time they top-up for 90 days!Please see more information at the following link.
A-02: This could mean your friend did not input your details on signing up therefore you were not credited.
Unfortunately this cannot be changed retrospectively as it is a system generated process.
We do not give the bonus credit when the order is placed without the recommender’s payment details, or with the payment details of another existing Tifytel user.
A-03: Please click on the history link once you’re logged in.
Then click the drop down arrow on ‘activity type’ then select ‘call funds’ to see funds increases.
Bonus credit is shown on these pages each time your friend places an order, as long as they have input your details and have not placed an order using your card.
A-04: Please check our recommend scheme terms to make sure you have not broken any of the conditions, for example recommending a friend and then paying for their credit yourself.
A-01: You can email our dedicated home move team and they will take care of your move. We will contact you within 2 working days to confirm when your current services will cease and when your new services will activate. . Please email to support@tifytel.com with the following details;
- First name.
- Surname.
- Account number.
- Mobile number (For contact purposes only).
- E-mail address.
- Previous address.
- New address.
- Would you like your number included in the National Directory?
A-02: Ideally we would like to receive 1 months’ notice to ensure your service is set up in time. Sometimes we are unable to connect your property on your desired day due to the following reasons;
- We won't be able to install service if we need access but you cant provide that.
- Previous occupiers haven’t disconnected their service.
- New estate that requires a new line to be installed, may incur extra charges.
A-03: The timelines to complete a house move will vary depending on whether a landline is available in your new home or not.
- Reconnect a landline service: To reconnect a service e.g. Broadband & Voice on an existing landline can take up to 15 working days.
- New landline service: To install a brand new landline service can take up to 28 working days.
- If you have TifyTel Mobile included as part of your bundle we will need to issue you with a new SIM to transfer your mobile number to your new account. A member of the Moving Home team will bring you through the process when we call you back.
- Note: Fibre +TV orders may take longer than the above timelines.
A-04: Our dedicated team will check availability at your new address to establish if you can get broadband.
A-05: We will endeavour to retain your existing phone number where possible. We will provide you with a new account number for your new address.
A-06: There are times when you will need to be on site to enable us to complete your connection, we will let you know in advance. These include:
- When a full installation is required e.g. Broadband + TifyTel TV.
- When you are connecting to fibre and it is the first time fibre has been connected at that property. The engineer will need to install a new faceplate on the phone socket at your new home.
A-07: Yes. If the engineer appointment date does not suit, you can reschedule the appointment online by sending email to support@tifytel.com. If you need to change your appointment please submit your request no later than 4pm on one day before your current appointment.
A-08: Yes, you have to take your equipment (modem, cables) to your new home. If you have TifyTel TV, please take your set top box, remote control and multi-room equipment with you to your new home.
A-09: Yes, As we will be providing you with brand new services at your new address we will require you to enter a new contract. Your contract length will depend on the products that are within your bundle. You will also receive a bundle promotion for entering a new contract.
A-10: No, you can carry your existing direct debit details over to your new address. Direct Debit is required for all new home moves. Our dedicated move team will work with you to ensure your direct debit is in place.
A-11: This will depend on what packages and promotions you are currently on. We have a range of excellent packages and promotions which may be of interest to you. A member of our team will be happy to take you through your available options when we contact you to confirm your house move request.
A-12: Yes, once you get your new account number, log-in to your existing and choose the ‘Add Account’ option from the menu. From here you can enter your new account number to view your services online. This will allow you to access both accounts until your old services are fully closed.
A-13: Please have a look the following details.
- Digweb: The UAN will be located at the top of your bill.
- Europasat: Contact Europasat on +353 4493 17023 to get your UAN.
- Magnet: The UAN will be located at the top of your bill.
- Sky: The UAN will be located at the top of your bill.
- Virgin Media: The UAN will be located at the top of your bill.
- eir: The UAN is called the account number and is at the top of your bill.
- Vodafone: The UAN will be located on the second page of your bill. Call 1907 if you can’t find it.
- Imagine: The UAN will be located on the second page of your bill. Call 1890 929 300 if you can’t find it.
- Pure Telecom: The UAN will be located on the second page of your bill. Call 1890 987 550 if you can’t find it.
A-01: Please (Click Here)to request the Password and we will send you email to the address provided with your Password.
The link in the email message must be clicked on within 24 hours.
A-02: To reset your password login to your account, here you will find a link to reset your password.
A-03: Account locked means you attempted to log in more than 3 times with an incorrect username/ password. You will receive an email immediately following the online account lock out with additional information on timeframes and next steps that need to be taken in order to unlock your account. If you still have problems, click here.
A-04: Login required, and proceeds to Call Services for Call forwarding option. There is no additional cost with all TifyTel phone lines regardless of residential and business. However, remember that forwarded calls are treated as an outgoing call. Therefore, additional charges will apply if you forward calls to numbers with metered rates.
A-05: Please send email to Customer Support and don’t forget to include you Username.
A-06: You can change your billing address at any time through your Tifytel Online Dashboard.
A-07: Please send email to Customer Support and don’t forget to include you Username.
A-08: A-08: If you received a package that is visibly damaged, please note the damage on the carrier’s freight bill or receipt. Be sure to obtain a copy. Once received, keep the original carton, all packing materials and parts intact and contact TifyTel Customer Care department immediately.
A-09: If you would like to cancel your TifyTel service please contact us at +35316917394 for further assistance. Our Account Management Department is available to assist you Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM.

A-01: We believe in being fair and transparent, so we only charge the amounts we show on our site. When you make a payment we give you the full amount as calling credit, and we will only charge you per minute rate for calls as shown on our site. There are no connection charges, maintenance or service charges, or other hidden fees.

If there are any other charges on your statement and you are outside of the UK this could be a charge made by your bank. Some US banks, but not all, charge for overseas transactions, you will need to contact your bank about this issue. We do have the PayPal option at our checkout for anyone who wants to avoid extra charges from their bank.

You can find our full list of Rates: Click Here.

No, our service works on a pre-paid basis using using Visa, Master, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Paysafecard, Netteler + , we charge in any currencies..
You simply top-up your account with credit and use it to make calls or send texts.
To see a record of transactions please go to your Payment History.
A-03: There is a fixed amount of topped up available, you just need to login and than select recharge option at top right corner.
A-04: Where possible we try to automate the process and it shouldn’t take long for credit to appear on your account.
If there are problems with an order and it is flagged for manual review it can take up to a few hours depending on the time of day, we are based in the IRELAND, but do have agents in other time zones processing orders.
A-05: Tifytel offers a secure check-out system with which you can use most popular Visa, Master, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Paysafecard, Netteler + , we charge in any currencies.
A-06: Sometimes banks in the US add an extra overseas charge because we’re based in the IRELAND. Unfortunately, we’re not able to tell you this information in advance as these banks charge some customers but not others.
We don’t take any extra payment from the banks for these charges and they are not made by Tifytel.
If you’re based in the US and want to avoid having to pay these extra charges in the future, we recommend that you use the PayPal option at the checkout.
A-07: No money has been taken from your account, what you are seeing is simply an authorization; this was reversed when the payment was declined. Please contact your bank if you need further information. They will be able to confirm the money has not been taken. Please be aware it may take your card company a few days to clear the authorization.
A-08: If an order is declined or cancelled money is not taken from your account by Tifytel. What you are seeing is an authorisation or pending transaction. Please be aware it may take your card company 3 to 5 working days to clear the authorisation back into your bank account. If you need further clarification of this please contact your credit card company/issuing bank.
A-09: This is because we don’t cut your call short when you run out of credit. Instead we’ll let you finish your call but it can result in a negative balance. Therefore, the next time you place an order the money is deducted from your credit balance. To check the calls that you’ve made, go to your Call history.
A-10: Please check to see if you have received an email from us. This could be because of one of the following reasons.
- Your order has been declined; the email sent to you will give you the reason why.
- Your order needs verifying, our email sent to you will explain the verification process.
- If it is your first order with Tifytel, it will take longer to go through security checks.
- You have 3 days to enter the split payment details showing from your bank statement into the link on your dashboard to release credit to your account (please contact your bank for this information if you do not have on-line banking or a recent statement). Enter the split amount into your dashboard (see the verify your account link on the top of your dashboard) to release your order. If you do not have one of these emails (please check spam/junk folder)
A-11: Your credit and account will stand for a year with no activity.
A-12: It can take a short time for our payment processor to approve your order, especially for first-time users, so please wait a little longer. We will send you an e-mail as soon as your credit is available, or if your payment has been declined.
You can ensure faster top-ups by verifying your payment details.

A-13: If you have placed an order with us then you will still be able to place calls with your remaining credit but will not be able to place orders.

If this is the case then check the message on your dashboard and note what is being asked. The system will be asking you to verify a particular order number which was taken from your account in 2 parts and will therefore show that way.

If you have attempted to add the split payment and are now locked out then please check your on-line banking or contact your bank for the 2 amounts shown for the order you are being asked to verify, email to customer support the 2 amounts shown on your statement and they will enter amounts for you.

If you have not attempted to enter the amounts then click here. You should see the 2 white boxes, enter the amount into the space, you can add in any currency you wish as the system will calculate conversion.
Please be aware, you have 3 attempts to add the amounts before you will be locked from your account, if this happens please email the amounts to Tifytel to be entered for you.

If you have only just placed an order with us and no credit is added then please check to see if an email has been sent to you. If no credit has been added to your account it could be that it has either been declined (the reason will be given in the email) or your card needs verifying to release the credit to your Tifytel account within the time limit given.

A-14: Please check to see if you have received an email from us when you have placed your order.
- If your order has been declined, the email sent to you will give you the reason why. It could be because your card details need updating, please ensure your card detail is correct.
- If you have received a bank decline then this means your bank will not allow us to take the money owing for your order, some of our customers have had success in contacting their bank informing them an order will be placed and giving permission to take funds.
- It could be your order needs verifying for us to release the credit to your account. Our email sent to you will explain the verification process.
You have 3 days to enter the split payment details showing from your bank statement into the link on your dashboard to release credit to your account (please contact your bank for this information if you do not have on-line banking or a recent statement) Enter the split amount into your dashboard (see the verify your account link on the top of your dashboard) to release your order. If you do not have one of these emails (please check spam/junk folder)
If it is your first order withTifytel, it will take longer to go through security checks.
A-15: There is a minimum order for using the PayPal option of 10 EUR.
When you have selected the amount you wish to charge your account, as long as it is over this amount, the PayPal logo will show to be selected during the checkout process.
A-16: Your service with Tifytel begins the day you sign up. You have full access to your account through your Online Account. You can set up voicemail settings and utilize Call Forwarding until your Phone Adapter arrives.
A-17: Tifytel offers convenient online billing. Your billing cycle starts up on first of each month regardless of sign up when your telephone number is assigned to you and your voicemail account is created. Your credit card is charged automatically on a monthly basis. If your account incurs additional charges of €25.00 or more, your credit card may be charged before the end of the billing cycle. Additional charges include overage, international calling, and directory assistance.
A-18: Explanation of your monthly bill. Each month you will see only the following charges:
- Monthly Service Fee: Your rate plan’s monthly charge.
- Overage Charges: Minutes in excess of those included with your rate plan. (If applicable)
- International Calls: Calls placed to international locations. (If applicable)
- 23.0% VAT: Automatically included where applicable.
A-19: We bill you each month on the first of each month regardless of the date of the day you signed up. You are always billed in advance for the coming month.
A-20: You will be notified by email if your monthly credit card payment is declined. Click the Make a Payment link in the upper right hand corner of your Dashboard to reprocess your payment. If payment is not made within ten days of the initial email, your account will be suspended. You will not be able to place or receive any calls or retrieve your voicemail messages until a payment is made. Your service will be reactivated when your payment is processed successfully.
A-21: Your payment can fail for many reasons (for example, insufficient funds). Tifytel will email you if it fails. Contact your financial institution and make sure that your payment information is correct before trying again.
A-22: We don’t provide a paper bill. No need for paper bills! We provide you with an Online Account Manager – your Tifytel Online Account. Through your Online Account you will be able to see your Invoice at any time. You can also see your past and present billing activity, print copies of your bill, and keep them for your own records.
Explore the billing section of your Tifytel Account.
A-23: If your automatic monthly credit card payment cannot be processed for any reason, we will immediately notify you by email. You can log into your Online Account and re-enter new information or simply reprocess the payment with the existing credit card.

If payment is not received after ten days, your service will be suspended for two weeks. You can login and reprocess your payment at any time to reactivate service. You will be charged a €5.99 reactivation fee.

After two weeks, a suspended account will be disconnected. Disconnected accounts cannot be reactivated. Once your account is disconnected, you will need to re-subscribe as a new customer in order to resume service.

If you need assistance at any time, Please visit our Contact Us page.

A-24: Accounts that accrue more than €30 in metered or international charges during the course of a billing cycle will be charged. Daily our system looks for accounts with metered charges of greater than €30. If our system finds metered or international charges of €30 or greater our system will automatically charge the credit card on file.
This can happen several times a month depending on the activity on the account. At the end of the billing cycle, our system calculates your bill and deducts all accrued credits and will charge the credit card on file the remaining balance.
A-25: Value Added Tax (VAT) is included in all one time, monthly, and metered charges.
Total Charge (Including VAT) £123.00
Pre VAT Charge £100.00
VAT (23.0%) £23.00.
A-26: Yes. You can cancel your service at any time. If you cancel within the first 14 days of service activation for any reason, through our Money Back Guarantee we will refund the payment you made.

If you cancel after the first 14 days of service, you will be subject to the €23.99 disconnect fee.

**You must cancel your service within 14 days of the activation of your account, return your equipment within 07 days of cancellation and not exceed 150 minutes of usage in the first 30 days of service. You are responsible for any charges for overage, international or directory assistance calls. If you exceed 150 minutes, you will not be refunded for the first month of service. You are responsible for return shipping charges.

A-27: Calls to numbers with the prefix 0845 or 0870 are chargeable and the charge for the call can be found at Ireland Rates.
A-28: With the Tifytel Service you pay nothing for incoming calls.
A-29: No you will not be charged anything by your internet provider for using the Tifytel service.
> A-30: Calling to a Tifytel phone number from a Non-Tifytel phone number will be charged at standard rates. Tifytel phone numbers are standard IRISH telephone numbers and work the same way as other geographic dialing codes.
A-31: The billing date on your account is the same day you set up your account with Tifytel. This date cannot be changed.
A-01: This feature is currently only available for our UK and US * access numbers. When you send an SMS to your Local Number we will forward it on to the corresponding contact at our normal SMS rates.
* Not all of our US access numbers are SMS-enabled. If you change “Your Location” those locations that are SMS-enabled will be marked with a *.
A-02: This feature is currently only available with our UK Incoming Numbers, for messages are sent from a mobile network within the UK. When you receive an SMS on your Incoming Number it will be available on your SMS History page.
A-03: You can find up-to-date rates on our SMS page. Messages longer than 250 characters will be split into multiple messages and you will be billed for each.
A-01: Voice, fax and data numbers from both analogue and ISD N lines can all be transferred.
Only one number can be transferred to one Tifytel line.
A-02: A Universal Account Number is an eight-digit account number used to port telephone numbers between phone companies. It is an important piece of information and is mandatory for the Porting process to succeed. It can be found on your bill from the provider to whom you used to pay line rental. Please note;
- Tifytel can’t identify your UAN, you MUST send us a full copy of your most recent bill from previous provider.
A-03: No, after your number has been transferred all of your old messages will disappear, as they are on the network of your previous provider. However, we can offer you a new voicemail service.
A-04: If you wish to use the new Tifytel allocated phone number, then you simply contact your previous provider and cancel your subscription. Once this is completed, you will no longer receive calls on your old number.
A-05: There is no charge to transfer your telephone number.
A-06: Do not cancel the service for the phone number that you want to transfer, as you will lose your phone number. For more information about any action you may have to perform. Download Number porting form.
A-07: No. Some phone numbers with certain features cannot be ported. This includes those numbers with ISDN, Feature Line, Payphones, DDI and Remote Call Forward. Tifytel will inform you by email that your number cannot be transferred.
Q-08: Some transfers are delayed because of contractual obligations, features and associated services such as DSL, Transfer Freeze, Distinctive Ring, Ring Master or CENTREX-related features and pending charges associated with the number that is being transferred.
A-09: Depending on your billing cycle, your transfer may have occurred in the middle of a billing cycle. You may also be required to pay line rental fees, but check with your previous supplier for complete details.
A-10: On the day that your number is moved to Tifytel, you may receive a minor disruption to service. If you continue to experience difficulties, Contact Us.
A-11: If you have non-cable communications supplier and you requested to transfer the phone number that is connected to your broadband service, your supplier may have disconnected both your landline phone and broadband when they received the request. Read Number Transfer Process for more details and Contact Us, if needed.
A-12: Your new communications supplier must submit a Letter of Authority (LOA) with 90 days of you closing your Tifytel account.
A-13: If you are moving home and want to keep your Tifytel number, simply take your phone adapter with you. Your phone number is programmed into the equipment so you do not have to change a thing. Unlike other VoIP companies, with Tifytel you are not tied to your local cable provider. Simply plug your phone adapter into a high-speed Internet connection anywhere and your Tifytel line is ready to go!
A-14: Congratulations! Tifytel offers the convenience of taking your number with you so you there is no need to disconnect! Keep your Tifytel service, keep your phone number, keep your independence and keep your privacy. As long as you have high speed internet access at your new address you can re-connect the service in your new home. You can also run a 2nd line through the same internet connection for your roommate! Use your Online Account to add a 2nd line today at: www.vyzetel.com
* Important Note: Be sure to update your account with your new address so that in the event of an emergency, 911 can find you.
A-15: Yes. If monthly line rental for your landline phone service is currently paid by the DSFA, you are entitled to receive the telephone allowance of €26 which can be paid directly into your bank account. The DSFA will send you a form requesting your bank details so that they can make the lodgement into your account.
You can find further information on www.dsfa.ie or by calling the DSF A directly on Local 1890 700 000.
A-01: Installation is very straight forward as you can see in the Diagram given below. Further please refer your email send to you that has your User ID, Passwords and steps to follow: Please download “User Guide for PAP2T” Click Here to Download”
A-01: You need to place an order with us using your credit card before you have the option to auto top-up. To be eligible for auto top-up you must first verify the payments associated with the card you wish to use. Please check if you have placed an order which needs verifying. If you had auto top-up option enabled and you disabled it you need to verify your card details before it can be reactivated.
A-02: Please go to your settings page.
You will see ‘modify auto top up settings’ on the list at the bottom of this page.
Please note you will need to have verified all of your card details before this can be activated and cannot be activated if you have only placed orders through PayPal.
The Tifytel Home account and calling cards customers are our pay as you go customers and will not get any free minutes, normal applicable calling rates will apply to them, Unless there is an offer.

The Tifytel Unlimited plans for residential and business customers gives free minutes to National
Landlines and/or mobiles only, plus free minutes offered with a plan will applicable to the countries
specified into that plan only. A fair usage of 3000 minutes applies with all unlimited plans.
The free minutes cannot be carried forward or added into next month even with annual subscription;
all free minutes are applicable for 30 days only.

All our residential and business customers will get a balance of €20 that can be used when you have
consumed all your minutes included into you Plan/bundle or want to make a call other than National
Landline and/or mobiles not included into plan selected. Once you have used €20, you need to pay €20
to make further calls unless you have remaining minutes into your plan/bundle. Each month you will be
charged for your subscription and calls you made. Monthly bill you can view online into customer portal.

The minutes that a customer get with a bundle/Plan will apply to National Landline and/or Mobile only,
calls to special or premium numbers will not be included and usage in excess of your allowance will be
charged at standard rates displayed on our website. For more detailed discounted prices please visit
our website www.vyzetel.com.

All usage must be for your private, personal and non-commercial purpose (unless you are business
customers) and must not be used for any unlawful activity. You may only have one type of plan/bundle.

This promotion is valid from 01/10/2013 to 30/10/2013.
For more details call customer service on 01-691-7943.