International CALLING CARDS are backed by telecom experts.

TifyTel Cards are backed by a team of telecom experts with a vast entrepreneurial
experience in Technology. Our nurtured relationships with tier one carriers help us in
providing extraordinary quality at affordable rates.

International Calling cards, Best friends for Travelers.

International calling has become very convenient and affordable to be in touch with love ones, while you are on holidays / business trip away from family and friends. Calling Cards are available on RETAIL shops around the country. For your nearest shop, please send us an email with your area.
Our support team will send you details of a shop that is close to you (if available).

Features of
calling cards:

  • - Global rates as low 0.5c/min
  • - System saves PIN automatically.
  • - Buy from Retail shops around the country.

How to use
Calling Cards:

  • - Scratch the strip and reveal Card PIN.
  • - Dial the access number,or click here.
  • - Dial your destination as instructed.
  • - Enjoy cheap international calls.

Substitute of
Calling cards:

  • - Open an International Call A/c online.
  • - 24*7 online instant top up.
  • - Use access no / Mobile app to call.
  • - No paperwork and Bonus up to 100%.

Wholesalers/Businesses/Retail Stores:

Whether you are a Wholesaler, have a retail store or a company that need to reduce communication costs. Please click here.

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